Escazú Avenue, a Living Avenue

As part of the Real Estate Portfolio, we are the first urban mixed-use development in Costa Rica. At Avenida Escazú we create a living community that inspires well-being with memorable experiences in the city.

We create living communities for the well-being of people and nature.

Through an integral community we transmit a new model of well-being. Being and catalyzing sensitized and visionary people, dreaming of raw material that absorbs more carbon than it generates, and investing in a positive urban impact. There is no progress if we do not seek a balance between nature, human well-being and the generation of value.

NUESTRA AVENIDA, which covers only a part of Escazú, but has ideas to inspire the entire world.

Surrounded by mountains and green areas, we connect the best of gastronomy, fashion, entertainment, services, businesses and cultural events in the same space.

A place where smiles are the hallmark of our community.

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Are you looking for an office space for your business?

Are you looking for an office space for your business?